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“Clients use our therapies to make large changes in themselves; these changes are maintained over time; and much larger than our clients would have experienced without therapy”

Elliot and Freire 2008

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All my services are available either Online, by Phone, or In-person in Bristol BS5

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Initial Conversation
30-minute Free

You want to make sure you're talking to the right person, so let's talk in-person, on Zoom or on the phone to see if we're a good fit to work together

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Person-centred Counselling
£58 50-minute

Regular, one-to-one counselling sessions for adults. This can be in-person in Bristol BS5, online on Zoom, or by phone from anywhere in the UK

Focusing Oriented Counselling

Focusing Session
£58 50-minute

A guided session, using the 'Focusing' technique to help you clarify your sense of a situation, be kind to yourself, and define some ways forward 

person centred counselling

£58 50-MINUTE

Person-Centred counselling is based on the belief that you know best how to right yourself, and that this will happen naturally when you are supported with a genuine therapy relationship, where you feel understood and accepted unconditionally. 

The experiential part of this comes through my Focusing-Oriented approach, which weaves in Gendlin's Focusing techniques by paying attention to how you experience yourself as we talk. I may incorporate embodied approaches such as Mindful Awareness, Grounding techniques, and Non-Violent Communication as needed.

My approach can help to address the underlying causes of problems, so this suits adults who are reassessing their life circumstances over an open-ended time frame and is less suited to people wanting a short-term or solutions-focused approach. If that is you, you may find my Focusing Sessions a better fit.

You might become more in touch with your own sense of a situation, and more accepting of yourself and your experience, which can help you be more self-determined and empowered. ​

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Focusing sessions
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£58 50-MINUTE

Focusing sessions can help you gain clarity about your sense of a situation, relationship, or decision, help you meet yourself with kindness, and identify some action steps you might take to move forwards. I will introduce this technique and guide you through it. There will be time to talk about what you experienced before we end.
The Focusing technique was developed by Gene Gendlin as a modification of Person-Centred counselling. It is a way of paying attention to sensations in our body, images, or words that might come when something on the edge of our awareness wants to be known more fully. I recommend three Focusing sessions to benefit from learning this skill if it is new to you. 

Initial conversation


Choosing a therapist is a big decision, so I want to make sure we feel right about working together.


You are very welcome to arrange a 30-minute conversation to let me know what you are looking for from therapy, ask me any questions, and find out more about how I work.


If you are not sure whether you want Counselling or Focusing Sessions, please ask me about this.


Generally, counselling is best if you have issues you want to work on over a longer time.


Focusing sessions would be an option if you want short-term support for an isolated issue or decision and are up for learning an embodied technique.

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